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Alltime translators and interpreters was incorporated in 2002 and is made up of a team of qualified professionals who are specialists in translating and interpreting.

Alltime is a flexible company, it adapts and customises services to the needs of each customer, each case and each project. We offer free advice and study your linguistic needs.

We are interpreting specialists: simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting and we also organise teams of interpreters for large events.

One of the founding partners, who has a Master’s degree in conference interpreting and a member of prestigious associations such as AICE, the Spanish Conference Interpreting Association and the Chartered Institute of Linguists, London, is an active interpreter and applies hands-on experience to ensure that all needs are satisfied and thus ensure that the event is a complete success.

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We are interpreting specialists

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What is the difference between translating and interpreting?

The main difference between translating and interpreting is that the first is related to written texts and the second is related to oral translating /interpreting.

  • Alltime offers interpreting and translation for:
    • Congresses and conferences
    • Press conferences
    • Seminars and courses
    • Press conferences
    • Commercial meetings and negotiations
    • Board meetings
    • Award ceremonies
    • Press and TV interviews
    • Other events where two or more languages are involved
  • We coordinate teams of interpreters for multilanguage events
  • Simultaneous translation equipment rental
  • Linguistic advice for events




Simultaneous Interpreting
The presenter speaks and the interpreter translates at the same time. Technical equipment needs to be hired.

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Consecutive Interpreting
The presenter speaks, the interpreter takes notes and when the presenter pauses, the interpreter relays what has been said in the second language.

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Whispered Interpreting "Chuchotage"
The interpreter sits close to one or two participants and simultaneously whispers what is being said. No technical equipment is necessary.

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Simultaneous Interpreting witha Portable Interpreting System
For small meetings, factory visits and similar situations. Infoport portable equipment needs to be hired.

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"The consultant-interpreter: at your disposal before and during the event."

Conference interpreting the AICE way. Some helpful advice on multilingual communication at international events.
Download the ‘Useful recommendations to guarantee multinational communication for an international event’ brochure free (PDF 683 KB)


Confidentiality is guaranteed for all documents received.

Alltime analyses the texts to be translated and chooses the most suitable translator who specialises in the subject matter.

  • A wide variety of texts can be translated: legal, commercial, medical, scientific, literary, web pages, annual reports, film scripts, financial statements, technical, insurance, academic, etc.
  • Alltime coordinates translation projects, where numerous translators work simultaneously.
  • Normally a native third person, carefully checks the translation to ensure the quality.

We coordinate large translation projects


In this section there are photos showing our daily work.

Linguistic advice for events


Doing this is very easy. You can contact in any of the following ways:

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Or if you prefer you can fill in this simple questionnaire, indicating the reason for your query and as soon as possible we will contact you. Thank you very much.

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